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Playful yet dynamic, our custom-designed Sunseals children's lycra swimsuits screen out 98% of the sun's harmful ultra-violet rays allowing your children all the fun without the burn. Each suit is custom designed to allow for ease in dressing, maximum range of motion, comfort, durability and sun protection. All styles co-ordinate with hats which are unique in their ability to stay on the head of the child even during under water play.

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"Although skin cancer occurs in adults, it is caused by the sun exposure and sunburns that occurred during childhood and adolescence. Every time you protect yourself from too much sun exposure, you are helping prevent skin cancer."
B.D. Schmitt, M.D., Your Child's Health, Bantam Books. Reprinted as Sunburn (for Teenagers).Clinical Reference Systems, Dec 1997 p1908.

"How can I help prevent skin cancer? Avoid being exposed to too much sunlight. Wear clothing and hats that cover you, and avoid mid-day sun whenever possible."
Skin Cancer. Developed by Clinical Reference Systems Ltd. 1997

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