Diver - Sporty Bright

Kool-Kid Pink

Kool-Kid Green

2-pc Solar Sparks

Girl’s 1-pc Poppy Diver

Navy/Orange Diver

Blue Geometric 2-pc
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Recommended Sizes:
All Sunseals styles fit for 2 years, with hem lengths extending to the ankle to age or size 3.
Babies under 12 months, or up to 20 lbs choose, size (0-2)
Babies 12 months to 24 months or 20 to 35 lbs choose, size (2-4)
Children 2 to 3 years or wearing a size 3 in daywear, choose size (3-5)
Children 3 to 4 years, wearing size 3X or 4 in daywear, choose size (4-6)
Children 5 to 6 years, wearing size 5 or 6 in daywear, choose size (6-8)
Children 7 to 8 years, wearing size 7 or 8 in daywear, choose size (8-10)
Children 9 to 10 years, wearing size 10 in daywear, choose size (10-12)
Children 11 to 12 years, wearing size 12 in daywear, choose size (12-14)

UV Swim Hat

Made of lightweight, breathable fabric this swim-hat stays on even when the swimmer dives underwater! Our unisex flap hat provides maximum head and neck sun-protection, in or out of water.

Sizes: One Size Fits All



Our unisex bandanna style headgear will provide fashionable head and neck protection at the beach. The four way stretch fabric allows for a custom fit, when fastened securely around the crown of the head. When swimming, the bandanna will stay in place underwater, when the peak is tucked into the back knot. The bandanna need only be adjusted once to the wearer’s head. For subsequent swims, simple stretch the hat back in place!

Offered in colours to match current Diver Styles.

Sizes: (one size fits all)

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These one-piece sunseal swimsuits provide sun protection
to the knee and elbow and feature a high neckline. The lightweight,
breathable fabric and sporty style, teamed with a sunseal bandanna
or microfiber flap hat, are ideal for a long day at the beach.

"Children have the highest amount of sun exposure of
any age group aside from those who work outdoors"
Canadian Dermatology Association.

This Sunsealed suit has no shoulder seam, and features flat seam detailing for extra sensitive skin. The front zipper is extra long for fast changes, and is bar tacked at the base. Team it up with either a matching sun-protective bandanna, or flap-hat for Sun safe fun!

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