Anchor 2-piece


Dotted Nautical


Yellow/Navy One-Piece

Yellow/Navy Two-Piece

Nautical Red Stripe
0-24 months offered in full length

Red/Navy One-Piece
sizes (2-4) and larger are knee and elbow length.

Indicate name of style

Recommended Sizes:
All Sunseals styles fit for 2 years, with hem lengths extending to the ankle to age or size 3.
Babies under 12 months, or up to 20 lbs choose, size (0-2)
Babies 12 months to 24 months or 20 to 35 lbs choose, size (2-4)
Children 2 to 3 years or wearing a size 3 in daywear, choose size (3-5)
Children 3 to 4 years, wearing size 3X or 4 in daywear, choose size (4-6)
Children 5 to 6 years, wearing size 5 or 6 in daywear, choose size (6-8)
Children 7 to 8 years, wearing size 7 or 8 in daywear, choose size (8-10)
Children 9 to 10 years, wearing size 10 in daywear, choose size (10-12)
Children 11 to 12 years, wearing size 12 in daywear, choose size (12-14)

UV Frill Hat

This little girl's swim-hat blocks the sun's ultra violet rays from the back of the neck, brow, and ears. Simply adjust the soft elastic cord to a comfortable fit, and the hat will stay on your child's head even while swimming under water!

Sizes: One size fits all


Polka Dot

Frill Hat to match:

Sunseals presents this versatile sun protective swimsuit in sizes from 2 to 12. The styling and color combinations allow this suit to be passed from one sibling to another regardless of their gender.

"One in seven children will get skin cancer in his or her lifetime. One severe sunburn during childhood doubles the risk of developing skin cancer."
Canadian Dermatology Association.

The Nautical Style comes in one or two-piece options. The baby size (0-2) is recommended for babies 2 months to a year old, weighing up to 20 lbs. They can then wear this size until they are 24 months. Size (0-2) extends to the ankle and wrist levels for added sun protection. All Sunseals (0-2) sizes have inseam zippers for quick diaper changes. The two-piece style features a high boat neck. Nautical styles are accented with either red or yellow stripe. Red, Yellow or White UVprotective flap-hats provide ideal sun protection for this style in or out of the water.

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