Retro Girl

Purple Retro - 2 piece

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Purple Paisley

Mauve Mini-Print

Mauve Mini-Print

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Mauve Rash-guard

Pink Rash Guard

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Recommended Sizes:
All Sunseals styles fit for 2 years, with hem lengths extending to the ankle to age or size 3.
Babies under 12 months, or up to 20 lbs choose, size (0-2)
Babies 12 months to 24 months or 20 to 35 lbs choose, size (2-4)
Children 2 to 3 years or wearing a size 3 in daywear, choose size (3-5)
Children 3 to 4 years, wearing size 3X or 4 in daywear, choose size (4-6)
Children 5 to 6 years, wearing size 5 or 6 in daywear, choose size (6-8)
Children 7 to 8 years, wearing size 7 or 8 in daywear, choose size (8-10)
Children 9 to 10 years, wearing size 10 in daywear, choose size (10-12)
Children 11 to 12 years, wearing size 12 in daywear, choose size (12-14)


Our unisex bandanna style headgear will provide fashionable head and neck protection at the beach. The four-way stretch fabric allows for a custom fit, when fastened securely around the crown of the head. When swimming, the bandanna will stay in place underwater, when the peak is tucked into the back knot. The bandanna need only be adjusted once to the wearer’s head. For subsequent swims, simply stretch the hat back in place!

Sizes: (one size fits all)



Red Orange

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This groovy-girl style offers the sun-protected swimmer a choice of either one piece, or two pieces. The two-piece extends 4 inches below the waist and features a front tie, and flat seam detailing. The one piece blends two tones of paisley along with flat seam contrast stitching for a sleek swimsuit. Both look great with bandannas, or flap-hats.

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